Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kalk Bay, Cape Town

I know I said that the wine tour was the most memorable, but it's actually a toss-up with going to Kalk Bay.  
It was a place that I had wanted to go to last year but didn't get a chance to since we had a little one. 
The reason why it was so nice was because it was just one of those spur-of-the-moment stops in a little, quaint town just before Cape Point.  We walked around looking at all the sights, went to a book store, shared an espresso, laughed and had great conversation.
I will definitely remember this for a long time.

We first stopped by this cute little cafe for some espresso.

 This wall tile is so mosaic and beautiful.
 We walked down to the book store where we purchased a book for our son, Noah.
 I fell in LOVE with this hotel as soon as I saw it.
What a cool place to stay!
 This little township is settled on a huge hill.
 It was a tiring walk for me.  Maybe because I'm out of shape, Lol!
 I thought this was such a gorgeous home.  A great view of the ocean.
Our last name.  I wonder what this could be...
Let's find out! 
 Jeff and I were so excited when we saw this shop!

 I bet that the people shopping inside thought we were crazy.
 Happy couple.
 I have always wanted one of these. 
And this one is in great condition!
 Kalk Bay is so great!  It's like everything was a piece of art.
And such beautiful signage.
 What a stunning planter.
I'll never forget going here.

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