Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sprinkles Marshmallow Treats!

I'm new to doing the photo collages, and I'm so glad that I started!  It's such a great and easy way for you to get an easy recipe all in one picture.  

So I've added two in case you like one better than the other.

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These treats are super super easy.

I thought of the idea because I loved cake pops so much but needed something that was fast.
I first made them for my friend's baby shower and they were a hit!  So I decided to do a tutorial to show you all just how easy.  

Click here to see the "Ready to Pop" baby shower.

My son is going to be Bakerman at pre-school again and I needed something creative.  They have a no cupcake rule, like most pre-schools now.  So choosing this treat was a no-brainer.

First you need the supplies.  I used bamboo skewers to do the job.  They are long (usually for grilling kabob's) so I just took a pair of scissors and cut them to size.  

**Later on that day when I went to get additional materials that I forgot, I saw that there were smaller skewers available.  No need to cut at all!  Making it even easier.**
You need the Sandwich Bags with the fold.

I'm sure that there are "special" (expensive) cake pop/sucker bags that you can find at Hobby Lobby etc., but this was $1 and they end up looking very nice.

You also need some string, ribbon, or twine.  Just anything that will make it look decorative and cute.
Here I'm cutting the fold off of the sandwich baggies.
You need Marshmallows of course, and some frosting to coat them with.  The sprinkles have to stick to something!  :)

I used a ready-made frosting because, well... it's easier!  
But making homemade frosting isn't difficult at all.  Click here to see my frosting recipe tutorial.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Sprinkles!!!
Put most of the frosting into a small bowl...
And heat it up for about 15 seconds.
You want the marshmallow to dip easily into the frosting.
Now for the fun part!
What I did was put an empty plate into the fridge   The frosting is pretty melty and the sprinkles can tend to fall off if it doesn't get set right away.  

So I would coat 2 treats, and then immediately put them into the fridge so they can set. 
Don't be scared about putting them sprinkle/frosting side down.  It works can you see?
So because Noah is Bakerman, I wanted to present the treats in a creative and pretty way.
This is also a great ideas for doing any type of birthday party of shower.

This is just a plain gift box.
I put Styrofoam into it and then wrapped it in tissue paper.

So the kiddos could get an extra treat, I surrounded the box with lollies.
Start wrapping the treats.
This part takes the longest because it gets difficult tying a bow around the slick sandwich bags.  
But it can be done.
So pretty!
Finished Bakerman treats.

When Noah saw this, he was thru the Moon!
Look at my happy boy!
Yay Bakerman Noah!

These were the ones I made for the shower. 
It's the exact same thing, but with chocolate frosting.
Hope you enjoyed!

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