Monday, 8 October 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Green Vanilla Frosting

I made these cupcakes for the St. Patty's Day holiday last year.

Noah was 2.5 at the time and just loved loved loved cupcakes!  He would only eat the frosting on top of course.

Since I didn't have a frosting bag at the time, I simply used a Ziploc bag to pipe it on.

The key is to get the sprinkles on as soon as possible and then quickly transfer the cupcakes to the fridge to set.  I literally put each cupcake in the fridge one-by-one after frosting them. 

Here is the recipe that I used from my Blog:  Old Fashioned Frosting
For the chocolate cake, the recipe I used was from one of my all time favorite baking site "The Joy of Baking" originally our of Canada, but Stephanie now lives in The States:
 Sprinkles make cake so much prettier!
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