Saturday, 8 September 2012

Old Chicago Oktoberfest Mini Tour

My all time favorite hangout is Old Chicago.  Before I discovered that there was a such thing as "craft" beer, I only drank Bud Light.  

Yes you heard me.  Bud Light.  The beer that has many-a teenager/cheap college student drinking every weekend.

It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties, I was at a restaurant and decided to try something different:
Sam Adams.

Wow!  This beer was really good.  I have never had a Bud Light since.  I soon realized that there were many varieties of Sam Adams.  When I met my husband, Jeff, he took me to Old Chicago on a few of our dates.  There I was in awwww.  110 different beers to choose from from all around the world, PLUS the best food???

We became regulars there as well as regulars on the famous Mini Tours they have.  This one I sadly have to miss out on, but when I finally return back to the States, I plan on at least trying some of these below.

The Oktoberfest Mini Tour has always been my favorite.  I'm half German.  If you saw me, you would laugh!
Going to the actual Oktoberfest is something that is on my "bucket list" for sure.  See details here: 
BUT, here's an interesting factoid that a lot of people might not know   

** Did you know that the 2nd largest Oktoberfest (besides the original in Munich, Germany) is in the United States?**

That's right!!!  Cincinnati, Ohio has been named to have the 2nd largest festical in the world.  CRAZY!  See details here:
We will go here before we go to Germany I'm sure.  I have to spend the next 2.5 years in nursing school.  Yuck.

But what got me thru one year of it was having a good time at Old Chicago with Jeff.

Here are the details below on the tour in case you want to have a great time and drink some awesome beer!  Oh ya, if you finish the tour between the 12th and the 30th then you get a cool t-shirt. 
Join your Overland Park Old Chicago on Wednesday, September 12th for the kick off to the Oktoberfest Mini Tour! You'll have until September 30th to enjoy our selection of eight German-style beers!
Oktoberfest Kick‑Off Party Wednesday, September 12th, 6‑8pm
Good friends, good food
Good times are here.
It's time for Oktoberfest
so come have some bier.
• Hacker-Pschorr Dunkle Weisse
• Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn
• Ayinger Oktoberfest
• Samuel Adams Oktoberfest
• Warsteiner Brewing
• Mother's Brewery Co. Oktoberfest
• Left Hand Oktoberfest
• Empyrean Aries Marzen Oktoberfest
Enjoy all 8 brews and you'll receive a limited edition Oktoberfest Tour T-shirt.Click here for a closer look.
Know someone who’s not a member? Forward this email to them or bring them with you.  They can sign up and start the tour on that same visit.
Remember—Mini Tour beers also count toward your main tours.
Where in the world have you and your Mini Tour T-shirt Been? Click for more information.
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