Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Kitchen Design

Well for those who don't know, I moved out here to South Africa January 2011 for my husband's job.  The house that we rented was furnished, but there was hardly any decor.  It was or goal not to spend any money on that because we were limited on what we could take back home with us.  Not to mention we have lots of kitchen stuff back home.

We have been here for 1.5 years now and even though I knew were moving back in 6 months, since I LOVE to cook, I thought that making the kitchen my own would make me a bit more happy.  And it did!  

I didn't spend too much at all.  One easy thing that adds to kitchen decor is the actual ingredients that you cook with.  
- wine
- spices
- fruit
- garlic/onion/lemon
- vinegars & oils
-cook books
- pictures
This is such a beautiful cactus.  It not only matches the colorful decor that I was going for, but it's super easy to take care of.
 A must have.
I hope this helped you in trying to add extra spice to your kitchen.

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