Sunday, 2 September 2012

Do my family & friends even know me?

For those of you who have forgotton, I was a single mother before I got married at 27.  Most people that I knew have already been with their husband's for 5 years.

Back in Olathe (and most out here in South Africa) I'm the cook, I do all the cleaning and laundry, the shopping, decorate for the house and holidays, organize and throw birthday parties plus any gettogethers (including my own wedding), I'm a full-time nursing student which is 55 hours a week with homework, I have two children one of which has ADHD and SPD, I pay the bills, care for the kids when they're sick, deal with the pre-school teachers and therapists, all the while trying to maintain my sanity and a loving realtionship with my kids and husband.

So for those of you who don't think that I can move back home, living without Jeff for 3 months, didn't know me to begin with and obviously doesn't know how strong I am.

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