Friday, 31 August 2012

Spa Master Bathroom

I was first inspired to do this Spa themed bathroom because for the very first time this year, I went to one!  
I loved so very much how the simple room, aromatic scents, soft music, candles, and natural colors made me feel.  So I knew that I wanted to re-create it in my own bathroom.

I'm lucky now and the house that we are renting has a HUGE master bathroom.  My bedroom growing up was smaller than this bathroom.  So the sad news is when we move back to our house at the end of this year, I will have to pack up most of this stuff because the bathroom barely fits one person inside. 
I'm trying to convince my husband to renovate.  Hope he agrees!

 I found this great bath and body shop at the mall.  These items were super expensive, but I splurged because of my new-found love of the spa.  I bought bath oils, milks, and salts.  I mean lets face it, every spa has these, right?
 Nowadays you can get these white paper lanterns anywhere and they are pretty reasonable.  I got lucky with the pretty one in front.  It was the last one on clearance at this home store.  I'll never get sick of paper lanterns.
 I see the rolled towels in all of my home magazines and websites.  I finally tried it!
 Look how simple and beautiful they are.
I bought all of this stuff at the same home store.  Throwing decorative balls in a bowl and adding rocks to a vase really makes all the difference.  
And don't forget the candles!
 Rolled wash cloths and headband right next to the tub.
 Love this view of the room.
 Natural hand wash and lotion.  Smells so good.
 In the corner of the sink.
 My huge perfume collection.  
 His and Hers cupboard.
 Comfy slippers by the tub.
Bet you want to take a nice hot bubble bath now, don't you?

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