Sunday, 22 July 2012

Some products that I LOVE

Periodically I will put on my Blog what products I'm in love with at the time.

I'm one of those people who fall victim to all those new marketing schemes out there.  But I do happen to believe that these two are super great!

Vanilla Paste

Now I have never used this before.  And when a recipe calls for it, I simply just get out my vanilla extract.  Now that I'm wanting to be a better cook (and have found in recent years that you can't cook without SPICES), I went out and bought the vanilla paste. 

Why it's great:  This product is great because not only does it have a huge impact of flavor, but I love that this brand specifically actually has the little tiny vanilla bean seeds in it!  Great flavor, great look, great smell.

 Kleenex Hand Towels

As soon as I saw this on the shelves, I just thew it in the cart.  I knew my husband thought I was silly because everytime I buy something like this (gimmicky) he call me a sucker!

BUT, I simply can't help it.  And men don't understand because they are not the ones who decorate.  Look at it!  How pretty  :)  

Why it's great:  They work just like regular throw-away paper towels but are thicker.  And you get the extra bonus of this really appealing design!  I will for sure buy these from now on.

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