Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My version of McDonald's Egg McMuffin

Can you make a "healthier" McDonald's Egg McMuffin? 
Yes! But only slightly. The image on the left is the one I made at home, and on the right is McDonald's.

Calories for my sandwich:

·                     1 slice Gouda cheese  (57 cal)
·                     2 slice low-calorie Smoked Ham  (24 cal)
·                     1 egg  (70 cal)
·                     1 English muffin   (133 cal)

All for a stunning total of 185 calories -- just 15 calories less than McDonald's.  I have to say it tasted quite good!  

The trick for making it even healthier would be to find a low calorie English muffin and a low calorie slice of cheese. 
   Homemade Egg McMuffin (185 cal)                               McDonald's Egg McMuffin  (300 cal)

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