Monday, 23 July 2012

"Favorite Things" Party Idea

This is the most easy, amazing idea I have heard today!

So lets say you are having a party (book club, small gathering of any kind) -- 10 people.

You have each of the 10 people buy 10 things that they really love, so after the party you get to go home with a great bag full of neat things!

I'm definitely going to have to try this!

I actually plan on throwing this party on Oct. 12, 2012!  I'm really excited for this.

Here is my invite & party details below:

So what is this???

Lets say that there are 10 people coming to this soiree.  Everyone goes out and buys10 small items that they really love.  When we all finally come together we get to put together a goody bad of the 10 items chosen by our friends!

So RSVP'ing is really important.

It's simple, fun, and just so easy.  Also a great way for us to gather and mingle while getting to go home with a treat bag.

Little ones are welcome.  Caleb will be there!  So this party will be really laid back which is why I chose a brunch time.  

I will provide some food items, but if you would like to bring a snack item, that would be great.

See you there!
favorite things examples:

- Real simple magazine

- washi tape (from Target) – this one was mine, of course!
- a cake decorating tip
- bag balm
- nail polish (x2)
- St. Ives apricot scrub
- homemade salad dressing bottle
- scrapbooking paper
cute bottle of lotion 

- hair flower 

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