Sunday, 22 July 2012

DIY Infant Carrier Cover

I can't believe that I made this!!! 

I'm sooooo proud of myself.  So that being said, it was a little more difficult because of the detail I put into it on sewing on the ribbons and extra embellishments etc, but I really recommend a sewing project like this if you're a beginner like me.

FYI, it lasted a while!  I made this September 2010 and have just washed it for the first time last week.  It held up quite well and wouldn't be surprised if it gets used for my third baby  :D
I had a little trouble getting the inside fleece to match the outside. 
I thought it was identical, which it was I guess, but since the outside cover was cotton and the inside was stretchy fleece, I didn't think about that when I started sewing and had extra material in the end.
Luckily you couldn't tell unless you really really looked at it! 
These straps were Velcroed on -- super easy that way!
And even easier was being able to use hot glue to add on the buttons.  You didn't need to add the buttons but it really made such a huge difference in the appearance.
Below is the sewing pattern that I used -- minus a few changes.

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