Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Coffee Corner @ The Potter's!

Coffee is my world

That being said, I make sure that I have whatever I need on stock AT ALL TIMES!

** Interesting Factoid:  Did you know that I used to work at Starbuck's?
That's where my passion first started. **

This is what the coffee corner in my kitchen looks like.  It's stocked with:
~ Instant Decaf. for those evenings when it's cold out but I don't want a jolt from the caffeine
~Sugar Free Pumpkin Syrup as well as Pumpkin Pie Spice
~Creamer and Sweetener
~Instant Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate
~Rusks because I CAN'T drink coffee or tea without them now.
~Chai Tea -- my absolute favorite!!!
~Plain & Flavored Tea (apple cinnamon, peach, raspberry etc.)
~And oh yeah, coffee.  Usually espresso because I like my coffee sooooooo super strong!
Pumpkin Spice is also my world.
 Yummy Rusks.
 Coffee Mate.

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